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Tyler Events

Events on July 4, 2015

Annual Capitol Hill 4th of July Parade

Starts: 8:30 am

Ends: 1:00 pm, July 4, 2015

Events on August 22, 2015

DCPS Beautification Day

Starts: 8:30 am

Ends: 3:30 pm, August 22, 2015

Highlights from State of Tyler 2015

Major takeaway: Tyler’s academics are continuing to trend upward and the school is meeting its learning goals

English/Literacy (ELA) goals were:

  •  72% proficient or advanced on the TRC comprehension test. Actual results: 75% of Tyler students rank proficient/advanced.
  • 74% proficient/advanced in DIBELS (phonological awareness test). Actual results: 75% of Tyler students at proficient/advanced. (If I read it correctly, last year’s scores were around 64% prof/adv)Math goals:
  • DCPS has a new test called i-ready that is a general diagnostic of what students know and is administered throughout the year. 75% of Tyler students met or exceeded expected growth. (Do not have a comparison rate of the DC average available yet, but the goal was to come within 5% of that avg.)Spanish Proficiency (K-3)
  • DCPS uses a test designed for native Spanish speakers (98% of Tyler SI students are native English speakers). At the middle of the year, 47% of Tyler SI students performed at advanced or proficient on this test. The final goal was at least 52% but results aren’t in yet. So not a bad result for native English speakers!Attendance:
  • Tyler had a goal of 95% attendance every day and had 96% (in K-5th), which puts them near the top of DC schools in terms of high attendance and we lead our cluster of schools.
  • Lower attendance rates in (non-compulsory) PreK and PS3 classes. DCPS Community/Parent Outreach Coordinator Lola has been working with parents to encourage attendance as a liaison with DCPS and is part of the attendance team that meets weekly.
  • Regular team meetings and incentives support attendance. Half days were low attendance days, so the team coordinates celebrations to happen on half days (class parties, etc.) in addition to a mandatory block of ELA time (so learning is happening on half days too). Team incentivizes and rewards CLASS attendance vs. just individual students (as many schools do) to encourage all to show up.ECE:
  • Tyler has the largest ECE program in DC (over 12 classes in PS3-K including special education classes)
  • More collaborative planning time for ECE teachers this year
  • Incorporating more writing/reading next year into play-based Creative Curriculum because Tyler teachers want to better prepare students for K

Stay Connected Over the Summer

Bring your Tyler Tigers out Saturday, July 4th to walk with the school in the Parade!

Parade walkers should arrive at 9:00AM at 8th & I Street SE

Volunteers for the Lemonade Stand should arrive at 8:30AM

Lemonade Stand Volunteer Shifts 1 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Lemonade Stand Volunteer Shifts 2 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Lemonade Stand Volunteer Shifts 3  11:00AM – Noon

Clean Up Noon to 1:00PM (Earlier if we run out of baked goods and lemonade to sale)

If anyone have questions please email me at veronica.a.wright@gmail.com

Happy summer, Tyler community!

Thanks to all who stopped by the garden on the last day of school to taste our freshly made FoodPrints potato salad, courtesy of Ms. Mishik’s students, and take home fresh herbs and greens.

For those who are interested in stopping by the garden over the summer, there is always weeding and often some watering and harvesting to do, so consider coming by during the times we will usually be there:

Tuesdays from 1-3pm
Fridays from 10am-1pm

(Weather permitting, of course: 95+ temps or rain means we’ll be doing other, indoor planning work.)

What to bring: garden appropriate clothes and shoes, hat, sunscreen, filled water bottle.

Note: children are welcome, but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Days Till School!

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