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LOG-IN Reminders

Part I. Canvas is one of the primary applications students will utilize to access their virtual learning experience. Canvas will also serve to mark student’s daily attendance by tracking his/her log-in. Here is a reminder of how to access Canvas.

Access Canvas: Dcps.instructure.com​

Log-in Username: student ID number followed by @students.k12.dc.us For example: 123456789@students.k12.dc.us.​

Password: Student’s network password (same as last year and same as Teams) 6-digit birthday (MMDDYY)​

These are the same log-in credentials for MS Teams, if prompted.

Part 2. If you received a DCPS-Tyler issued device, please remember the following log-in credentials:

Tyler Devices Log-In: Student ID Number

Tyler Devices Password: 6-digit birthday (MMDDYY)​

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