Informational packets were given out at the end on January and were due on the 15th. If your student is participating the Oratory Contest information is below:
February 23, 2018

K-2 9:30 AM
3-5 10:30 AM
What speeches can I choose from?
I Have A Dream, 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
2009 Inaugural Address
President Barack Obama

I Am Somebody,
Jesse Jackson

Self written speech, 
Topic: My Future is Worth Fighting For.
What is the attire? 
The Tyler School Body will be wearing all black on Friday. You may choose to dress in all black, dress clothes or your school uniform.
Do I have to deliver the entire speech?
No, you may deliver any part of the speech. Be sure that is a part that will captivate the audience. If you are delivering a self written speech, you must deliver it all! We want to hear what you have written. It should range 2-4 minutes.

Do I have to memorialize the speech?
Speeches may be delivered with or without notes/ copy of speech
How will a ‘winner’ be chosen ?

Although it is a contest, this is a showcase of you! Show your schoolmates how confident you are while speaking in public.
One student will be chosen to speak at the Black History Program at the Howard School of Dentistry on February 28, 2018 at 7PM.

All participants will be invited to a reception following the contest.