Volunteers from Kaiser Permanente, under the supervision of experienced playground painting volunteer from Greater DC Cares, started on Chapter One of a playground painting project to improve opportunities for constructive student play at Tyler.

There are now four racing lanes and, for circle games, well, a circle.  Later on, we will have an opportunity to add something to or around the circle to make it more interesting, but the circle alone provides the platform for lots of fun games.  We have heard from Coach Edy that the children love it already!

As you look at the space, start thinking and talking about the best locations within the playground space for different types of play.  Playground painting days can continue to occur over time and weather permitting.  As we collectively design the best places to play, we also have discussed adding some educational features, for example, symbols indicating the four seasons within the four square boxes, using English/Spanish/sign language, adding a compass point, or a sundial.  On the Tyler playground, there really is a lot of space.

We will keep you updated as more opportunities arise. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the playground soon.