Tyler’s Outdoor Classroom

On behalf of the FoodPrints team, we’d like to give a shout out to Ms. Dawkins’ students, who along with some other assistants during recess and early dismissal helped to unearth, clean, and weigh 30 pounds of Tyler-grown sweet potatoes last week. Keep an eye out for lots of sweet potato recipes in FoodPrints classes over the winter….

Tyler’s Outdoor Classroom project is flourishing with our partnership with FRESHFARM MarketsFoodPrints food education program. Our garden is approximately 13,000 square feet of central green space to provide Tyler students with ample opportunities for outdoor play and fresh air on a daily basis. The Outdoor Classroom allows for teaching multiple disciplines outdoors and fosters positive interaction with food and nature based on principles of seasonly healthy eating, environmental sustainability and watershed protection.

Tyler parents, students, teachers and neighbors along-side FoodPrints have planted native trees, edibles, grasses and flowers around the perimeter of the playground.

You can learn more about foodprints and Tyler here.

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