Tyler Elementary strives to be a school that is inclusive, compassionate, and connected. In addition to addressing the unique concerns of a Spanish Immersion program and an Arts Integration curriculum, Tyler offers a Special Education program that accommodates a variety of students depending on their individual needs.

Tyler has two models of self-contained classrooms, Communication and Education Support (CES) and Specific Learning Support (SLS). Both CES and SLS classrooms have a low student  to teacher ratio to ensure individualized attention. For further information about specialized programs within DCPS, please visit the Division of Specialized Instruction Resource Guide.

  • CES program classrooms are for students who have been identified with autism spectrum disorder or other types of learning needs. The CES classrooms are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and use research-based practices derived from the science of learning and behavior. Our CES classroom teams place a strong emphasis on creating an accepting and neurodiverse environment. Teachers and staff in these classrooms support the academic, behavioral, communication, and social-emotional needs of students to help them develop independent life skills. Within the ABA model, CES classrooms are supported by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 
  • SLS program classrooms are for students who have been identified with a specific learning disability or cognitive impairment. Each classroom provides a safe and structured learning environment with an emphasis on individualized instruction. SLS program classrooms serve students in 3rd – 12th grade who are identified as having a specific learning disability or complex learning needs and have not responded to interventions in the general education classroom.

Additionally, all special education students have access to part-time inclusion during their specials classes (Art, Music, P.E. & Library) to develop and generalize skills among their general education peers.

Tyler also provides full-time inclusion, which operates within a co-teaching model with a general education teacher and special education teacher modifying and assisting students as needed to be successful within the general education setting.

As a community, Tyler works to provide all students with the most appropriate environment based on their individualized needs to ensure their success academically, socially, and globally.

 Contact Information 

LEA Representative Denise Dantley 202.939.4817  denise.Dantley@k12.dc.gov

Assistant Principal Kimberly Bigelow Kimberly.bigelow@k12.dc.gov

Coordinator- BCBA (CES Program) Cristina Restrepo cristina.restrepo@k12.dc.gov