Tyler Elementary strives to be a school that is inclusive, compassionate, and connected. In addition to addressing the unique concerns of a Spanish Immersion program and an Arts Integration curriculum, Tyler offers a Special Education program that accommodates a variety of students depending on their individual needs.

Tyler has self-contained autism classrooms that operate on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and a low student to teacher ratio to ensure individualized attention.

Additionally, all special education students have access to part-time inclusion during their specials classes (Art, Music, P.E. & Library) to develop and generalize skills among their general education peers.

Tyler also provides full-time inclusion, which operates within a co-teaching model with a general education teacher and special education teacher modifying and assisting students as needed to be successful within the general education setting.

As a community, Tyler works to provide all students with the most appropriate environment based on their individualized needs to ensure their success academically, socially, and globally.

Helpful Links:

  • For school age children (Grades K-12):Navigating the Special Education Process: A Guide to Special Education in the District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Caring for our Students with Disabilities: A DCPS Parent Procedure Manual
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (2004): Federal Regulations

  • Glossary of Special Education and Legal Terms
  • Special Education Parent Support Group: Eat dinner, discuss special education, get information, share suggestions and express concerns with other parents. 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 6:00 PM (DCPS Ward 7 Parent & Family Resource Center 5601 East Capitol Street, SE DC) Contact: karla.reid-witt@dc.gov or 202.645.4374
  • Web sites that might be of interest:

    Autism Speaks 

    Autism Society

    Tyler Elementary Special Education Coordinator, Denise Dantley, M.Ed., tel: 202.939.4817, email:Denise.Dantley@dc.gov

    DCPS Special Education Critical Response Team (CRT), Tel:  202.442.5400