What is arts integration?
Arts Integration is a process whereby students learn about and through the visual and performing arts. By targeting multiple learning styles, arts integration reinforces effective and dynamic instruction in every classroom: core subjects and special subjects.

What does arts integration look like at Tyler?
• Students learning numbers by dancing rhythms
• Teachers taking on different roles to engage students in a piece of literature
• Using a piece of artwork to teach students about adjectives, nouns, and verbs

Who at Tyler receives arts integration?
Everyone! Every adult and child benefits from arts integration at Tyler. It is engrained in all that we do at school. We like to view arts integration as the strategy that allows us to reach our overarching goals.

How do our many partnerships impact arts integration at Tyler?
We are very lucky to have amazing arts integration partnerships at Tyler. Our most extensive partnerships are with The Phillips Collection and The Kennedy Center. The Phillips Collection’s Art Links to Learning program reaches every student at Tyler. Started in 2010, The Philips Collection works with each teacher through professional development, each student through in-classroom workshops with museum educators, and museum visits for every student. Throughout the year Tyler student work is showcased in an exhibit at The Phillips’ Young Artist Exhibition.

We embarked on our first year partnership with The Kennedy Center’s DC Partnership Schools Initiative during the 2011-2012 academic year. Through this partnership teachers at Tyler can attend any professional development opportunity at The Kennedy Center for free, every student will attend at least one event at The Kennedy Center, and our pre-kindergarten classrooms will benefit from an 8 session teaching artist residency.

Although The Phillips Collection and The Kennedy Center are our largest partners we do work with other organizations including Wolf Trap Early Learning through the Arts, Washington Performing Arts Society, The DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative, The Corcoran Museum of Art, Drama for Schools, Imagination Stage, Teatro de la Luna, and many more.

All of our partnerships enrich teaching and learning through the arts. Teachers learn through in-classroom visits by artists and students become more engaged in learning, which all support our goals for high academic achievement at Tyler!

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