The Dual Language program at Tyler began in the fall of 2005 and now runs from preschool through the 5th grade. Dual Language students develop flexibility in thinking through problem solving, conceptualizing, and reasoning in two languages.


The Tyler Elementary Dual Language Program strives to:

  • Develop open-minded students who are bilingual and biliterate and are passionate about reaching high academic standards in both English and Spanish.
  • Nurture students to be confident in their ability to communicate and comprehend in both languages.
  • Grow collaborative students that have a deep appreciation for the Spanish language and Hispanic/ Latino culture.



At Tyler Elementary Dual Language Program mission is to:

  • Base our instructional practices in sound Dual Language pedagogy
  • Align instruction, behavioral expectations and level of rigor across classrooms and languages
  • Provide robust academic instruction for both languages in all domains: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Math
  • Provide access to rich bilingual resources and experiences
  • Open communication and inclusion of all families


Program Description

The students in the Tyler Elementary Dual Language Program are majority Spanish Language learners.

In Pre-K, students experience a 90/10 Spanish immersion model where the majority of instruction occurs in Spanish with the exception of Special classes (Art, PE, Music, Media, and Health).

This year there have been changes to the schedule for grade K-5 to allow for stronger horizontal and vertical alignment across the program.

In grades K-2 students receive all content in both languages in a 50/50 dual language model.  This means that student will receive 50% of their instruction in Spanish and 50% of their instruction in English. Students rotate classes every other day so that they spend a full day the in the target language. Teachers deliberately collaborate with each other and intentionally bridge content and language.  Students receive both English and Spanish phonics daily. Minimizing the transitions between languages is ideal for younger students lessening the cognitive load and increasing the predictability of the schedule, environment, and language.

In grades 3-5 instruction is departmentalized. Students literacy block (reading, writing, and word study) are in English. Student receive math in Spanish with an additional word study and writing block to maintain and continue student’s Spanish language proficiency through a Spanish literacy instructional block.



El programa de lenguaje dual de la escuela Tyler se esfuerza por:

  • Desarrollar estudiantes de mente abierta que sean capaces de escribir y leer en ambos idiomas, y cuyo objetivo sea alcanzar un alto nivel académico en inglés y español.
  • Fomentar a los estudiantes a tener confianza en sus capacidades para comunicarse y comprender en ambos idiomas.
  • Desarrollar estudiantes que colaboran y que tienen un profundo aprecio por la lengua española y la cultura hispana / latina.



La misión del programa de lenguaje dual de la escuela Tyler es:

  • Basar nuestras prácticas de enseñanza en la pedagogía de la adquisición de lenguaje
  • Alinear la instrucción, las expectativas de comportamiento y el nivel de rigor  entre las dos aulas y los dos idiomas
  • Proporcionar instrucción académica sólida en ambos idiomas en todos los ámbitos: lectura, escritura, escuchar, hablar, y Matemáticas
  • Proporcionar acceso a los muchos recursos y experiencias bilingües
  • La comunicación abierta y la inclusión de todas las familias


Descripción del programa

La mayoría de los estudiantes en el programa de lenguaje dual de la escuela Tyler están aprendiendo español como segundo idioma.

En Pre-K, los estudiantes participan en un modelo de inmersión 90/10 donde 90% del día la instrucción es en español, con la excepción de las clases especiales (Arte, Educación Física, Música, Tecnología, y Salud).

Este año se han registrado cambios en el horario para los grados K-5 para permitir la alineación horizontal y vertical para mejorar el programa.

En los grados K-2 los estudiantes reciben todo el contenido en los dos idiomas. Es un modelo de lenguaje dual 50/50. Esto significa que los estudiantes recibirán 50% de su instrucción en español y 50% de su instrucción en Inglés. Los estudiantes rotan clases cada dos días para que pasen un día completo en cada idioma.

Los maestros colaboran intencionalmente para crear un puente entre el contenido y ambos idiomas. Los estudiantes reciben instrucción en la fonética en los dos idiomas cada día. Minimizando las transiciones entre idiomas es ideal para los estudiantes más jóvenes para disminuir de la carga cognitiva.

En los grados 3-5 la instrucción se enseñará en departamentos. Los estudiantes recibirán lectura (lectura, escritura y estudio de las palabras) en inglés. Los estudiantes recibirán matemáticas en español con un bloque adicional de escritura y dictado para continuar desarrollando el dominio del idioma español.



Dual-language programs are the most effective types of learning for nurturing bilingual/biliterate students.  Tyler’s program helps them to develop linguistic competence in both languages at the same time (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

Studying in two languages allows students to transfer knowledge and skills acquired in one language to the other.  They are able to feel comfortable and successful in one language while gradually building the second language.

By continuing to learn and develop using two languages, children’s educational and cognitive development are enhanced.  Learning in two languages provides students with access to 2 groups of literature, an opening to diverse traditions, ideas, and ways of thinking which can lead to open mindedness, flexibility, and an ability to think in a different way.

Here are some Spanish/English short stories that you can print out and read with or to your child.

Check out these Spanish/English coloring books to help build Spanish Vocabulary.

Here are some websites that offer Spanish resources or activities for kids.

Spanish for Kids * Learn Spanish Today * Online Free Spanish * English-Spanish Vocabulary Quizzes

Bilingual Books for Kids * Spanish Flashcards * Spanish Language Activities * Spanish Flashcard Maker

Bilingual Kids * Rayobooks  * Spanish Toys * Spanish Educational Resources * Bilingos * Language Lizard

Whistlefritz * Culture for Kids

Check out these Spanish Immersion summer camps.

CommuniKids: A chance for your children to experience traditional summer camp fun – outdoor play, water play, music, arts and crafts – in a Spanish-language immersion setting (also French, Chinese & Hindi)! CommuniKids offers a half day program from 9:30am -12:30pm for kids ages 3-5. Sample daily schedule (4719 Wisconsin Ave. NW) 

The Enrichment Center: This program offers fun customized small group Spanish summer language immersion programs (also French, Japanese, & Chinese). Using TPR (Total Physical Response), the world’s premier language teaching method, students utilize all of their senses to learn in a natural way. Camp runs from 9am-3pm.  Extended care is available from 8-9am($75) and 3-6pm($95). Fees are $495/wk. Lunch is not provided.  (Cavalary Baptist Church 755 Eight Street,NW or R.A.P. Internatinal Ministries, Inc. 3553 East Capitol Street, NE)

Washington International School: This Language Immersion Camp allow students to learn new vocabulary in Spanish (also French & Chinese) and apply their knowledge of the target language in a wide range of games, songs, dances, crafts, stories and dialogs. Students are divided by age into small groups (8:1 student-teacher ratio/5:1 for ages 3 & 4). All teachers are native speakers. Lunch (for an additional fee or you pack your own), recess, and a quiet/nap time conclude the morning session for ages 5 and under. Half-day students eat lunch and leave at 12pm, before quiet time. Children ages 6+ swim 2X a week at a nearby pool. (4:1 students to adults) Swimming instruction is included. Younger children have water play on campus. Camp is from 9am-3pm ($375/week for full day) or 9am-12:00 pm($250/week for half day). Aftercare is from 3-6pm($95). Students may begin arriving at 8am at no extra charge.(1690 36th St NW)


DCPS Office of Bilingual Education