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EVERYBODY WINS! Sponsors its signature program Power Lunch at Tyler .  Power Lunch is a lunchtime literacy and mentoring program proven to improve reading skills and attitudes.  Each week, groups of adult volunteers travel on their lunch breaks to Tyler for one hour of one-on-one reading with an elementary school student who has expressed interest in Power Lunch.  Student-mentor pairs promote the skills and love of reading by reading aloud, sharing favorite stories and talking about books.  Volunteers commit to Power Lunch and their student for one year and are encouraged to continue the mentoring relationship, often following the student throughout their elementary years.


FRESHFARM FoodPrints — in partnership with DC Public Schools — aims to make positive changes in what children and their families eat. By bringing together a kitchen classroom, school garden, and standards-based curriculum, we provide in-school, hands-on experiences with growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating that increase children’s appreciation for nutritious, local foods.

FoodPrints experiences provide students, families, and schools with meaningful opportunities to engage with academic content, opportunities to work cooperatively, and hands-on experiences with where food comes from and how wonderful nutritious food can taste. As a result, students are more engaged with academic content and know how to make positive changes in what they and their families eat.

Reading Corps

Reading Corps is a breakthrough program that is changing academic outcomes for thousands of students. With more than 1,500 tutors serving in twelve states and Washington D.C., Reading Corps is helping more than 36,000 children each year become successful readers. It combines the power of national service with literacy science to deliver proven approaches that help struggling learners transform into confident students – something that translates into all areas of their lives.

Because Reading Corps tutors are in the schools on a full-time (in most cases) or part-time basis, they are providing consistent, daily tutoring, which is the reason why this model has a greater impact on student success. Tutors commit to a year or more of service, and receive rigorous training plus ongoing expert literacy coaching throughout the year. With the use of rich data assessments, they ensure their efforts produce the desired results – helping children achieve grade-level reading proficiency.


We believe that within every child lies a passion for learning. LearningPlunge is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to ignite that passion through educational games in which critical thinking, knowledge, and fun are rolled into one.™ LearningPlunge has a proven track-record of successfully teaching children about the U.S., fostering a love of learning, and of connecting communities of businesses, parents, teachers and children together one tournament at a time.

Phillip’s Collection

The Phillips Collection’s school and outreach programs use arts integration to weave visual arts with other core subject areas such as language arts, social studies, and science, while helping students develop 21st-century skills, which include critical thinking and problem solving. This creative, hands-on approach reflects the spirit of inquiry, experimentation, and intimacy advocated by museum founder Duncan Phillips. The museum’s programs have been recognized by local and national organizations, including the National Art Education Association and the American Alliance of Museums.