All Tyler students are expected to be in uniform every day. Tyler’s uniform consists of a light yellow top and navy blue bottom. Yellow tops can be a collared shirt or blouse or a Tyler T-shirt (yellow or blue). Acceptable navy bottoms include pants, skirts, or shorts of appropriate length. Navy blue jumpers are also acceptable. Current Tyler families have found reasonable everyday prices or great sales at stores/websites like JCPenney, Target, Burlington, Lands’ End, Kids for Less, and FrenchToast.

Shoes should be comfortable and have closed toes and soles like sneakers/tennis shoes. Sandals and shoes like Crocs can inhibit physical activity and can be a safety hazard.

In general, students are expected to dress appropriately. Parents and guardians are asked to monitor that students do not come to school in dress that tends to disrupt the class, contribute to a safety hazard, or is not appropriate for the weather. When these guidelines are not followed, parents will be called to bring a change of clothing. The following are violations of the dress code policy:

  • T-shirts with vulgar messages;
  • Tank/Halter tops;
  • Inappropriate make-up;
  • Hats, scarves, and bandanas, other than appropriate winter wear;
  • Revealing or provocative clothing;
  • Clothing that exposes one’s stomach;
  • Tight-fitting/Stretch pants; and
  • Excessive and/or expensive jewelry.

Please assist us in upholding a high standard for our students in both appearance and contribution to the learning environment. Our school uniform helps to provide the educational ethic that becomes the foundation of their academic success and future career success.

Uniform Exchange

Please donate gently used uniform clothing for the uniform exchange.  Items should be clean and in good condition (no stains or rips).  Items accepted include shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, and sweaters.


Here at Tyler Elementary School we understand the need for our students to be safe as the travel to and from school cellphones are an appropriate way for parents to communicate with students to have a peace of mind as they travel.  With that being said students are not permitted to utilize cell phones during school hours anywhere in the building. This includes but is not limited to classrooms, hallways, playground area, cafeteria area and bathrooms.  Cell phones must remain in student backpacks throughout the entire school day.​


Welcome to the Tyler Tigers Family! This handbook was created for the Tyler Community; families, students, teacher and administrators; to promote a safe, respectful and responsible environment for every child.