Stay Calm and Substitute
On any given day, DCPS needs between 200 to 300 substitute teachers to help with classrooms when a teacher has to be out for professional development or because they are sick or for personal reasons.  DCPS has a substitute pool of about 900 people, and is able to fill about 90% of the substitute requests on any given day.  Requests for leave that are put into the system in advance have a very good chance of getting filled, and the later a request is entered in the system, the less likely it is to be filled.

DCPS is always looking for qualified substitutes.  For people who have flexibility in their schedule, substituting can be a rewarding part-time opportunity.  In order to become a substitute, you have to have a Bachelor’s degree.  The process of becoming a substitute is fairly easy.  You have to submit an application to DCPS, be fingerprinted and take a TB and drug test.  You also have to obtain an Educator License issued by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).  Substitutes are paid $60/half day and $120/full day.  Full day substitute teaching jobs are from 8 am to 3:30 pm.  While many jobs are daily, some may extend for several days or weeks.

Many schools have a pool of substitutes they rely on when a teacher is out, and it is possible to identify specific schools where you want to substitute teach.  While Tyler needs substitutes in all of its programs, there is a special need for substitutes in the dual language program.  Substituting is a great way to help the school when a teacher has to be out on leave. For more information about being a substitute teacher for DCPS, see