October is Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying comes in many forms, the newest trend is Cyber-bullying.  As parents we want to maintain an open and honest dialogue with our children.  Most children are scared to report cyber-bullying for fear they will not be allowed to access their technology, the internet or social media apps.  Here are ways parents may combat and help their children.

  1. Don’t deny access to technology-  This will make children less likely to report incidents of cyber-bullying to their parents.
  2. Have a frank discuss about cyber-bullying with your child-  There are many resources available onlinewww.stompoutbullying.org, www.actionwork.com, www.pacer.org/bullying
  3. If your child is ever faced with a cyber-bullying incident, encourage your child to save the evidence, the message, etc. so they have evidence to report the cyber-bullying incident.
  4. Don’t reply-  Most of the time the bully is looking for a reaction for the bullying and when we do we’re giving the cyber-bully exactly what they want.

Remember communicate early with your children before an incident happens so they and you are prepared and know what steps to take.  Empower your students through preparation the internet is a wonderful to enhance learning.