Looking forward to meeting you all over the next few days. Here are items each child will need:

  • Bring a back pack every day to school. Notices, work, etc. will be sent home in the back packs. Check the packs every day.
  • A twin size or full-size sheet with your child’s name written on it in large print. Sheets should be washed and returned to school every Monday. ( I took one of my daughter’s favorite blankets and turned it into a super-special school sleeping bag and she loved it!)
  • A small child-size mat: 45″ long by 19″ wide (approximately) (some children had these last year, but not all, depending on the thickness of the sleeping bag, blanket, etc you send with your child)
  • A change of clothes that includes underwear and socks. Write your child’s name on each item and place in a plastic bag and bring to school immediately.

Helping your child achieve:

  • Make sure your child arrives on time each day for school by 8:45 am. Kiss your child goodbye and then leave so that he/she can get used to school. It is very important that you encourage your child to enjoy his. her learning experience. A few children may cry on the first day. This is absolutely normal. It is important to comfort your child if this occurs. Most of these children will stop crying very soon after the parent leaves. Usually, the longer the parent stays, the more difficult it becomes to separate the child from the parent. Also, other children in the class may start crying for their parent(s).
  • It is important your child is picked up at 3:15 pm or aftercare is arranged.
  • Help your child each day with the recognition of alphabet and numbers. Only 30 minutes a day are needed. Remember, always say something nice to your child about his/her work. Try never to criticize. Praise is one of the best ways to help children achieve.
  • Read to your child each day. If you need to borrow books, just let me know and I will help.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful first week and a great year!